The Palestinian Fund for Employment and Social Protection for worker - PFESP opened the third phase of training course for businesses development trainers

The Palestinian Fund for Employment and Social Protection for worker - PFESP opened the third phase of training course for businesses development trainers in Ramallah on Sunday.

The training session was opened by Mr. Ibtisam Al-Husari the Executive Director of the Fund, she emphasized during it that the current course aims at completing the development of the participants’ skills and abilities and providing them with the necessary skills to launch a project idea, in addition to developing business plans, preparing an economic feasibility study for the project and supervising the owners of the small projects to manage and direct their special projects permanently, and the third group includes several of participants who are employed in the Ministry of Labor to ensure integration and achieve optimal coordination in the provision of services and coordination between the Ministry and the Fund.  

Al-Husari explained that the training period will be 14 days with 72 training hours to be given to the 50 participants, 25 in the West Bank and 25 in Gaza Strip for free but the participant has to pledge to commit to all training days, while the one who is selected has to commit to the job with Fund after the end of the course.

Al-Husari pointed out that the training axes will include the preparation of feasibility studies, preparation of business plans, in addition to providing guidance to entrepreneurs and the owners of small and medium sized projects, noting that the best 16 trainees will be selected by the Palestinian Fund for Employment under temporary contracts to provide direct support and employment services through the training and guidance in entrepreneurship and the development of small projects and follow-up pilot projects and the development of business services, so that support will be provided in all governorates of the nation through a multi-service window to provide training and guidance in entrepreneurship and developing the small projects, which was recently created in partnership with the Ministry  of Labor and chambers of commerce, so that the participants will form the core of the multi-service window.

            As for how to select the trainees, Al-Husari explained that a number of applicants have been selected to participate in the training under clear and transparent criteria, most notably being graduates of universities and institutions in the fields of Administration, Finance, Trade, Accounting, Marketing, Economics or any relevant disciplines, and among the unemployed.

Nepal Awad the Director of Business Development Services said for her part, that this training comes within the activities of the “Start Up Palestine “ Program, which was launched in 2014 with funding from the Italian government through the Italian Agency for the Developmental Cooperation – Jerusalem Office.

Awad stressed that the program aims at supporting the initiators of the socially and economically marginalized groups such as woman, new graduates and small farmers and providing technical support for them.

It is noteworthy that he Palestinian Fund for Employment and Social Protection for Workers was established by Presidential Decree No. 9 of 2003 as a national institution with legal personality and independent financial authority to support economic development by activating and motivating labor market policies and implementing programs and projects aimed at creating and generating permanent employment opportunities, the Fund was adopted as reference and national umbrella for the entire Employment Operation by the Council of Ministers’ decisions issued in 2014 and 2016 in this regard.