Youth Competition Project

“Promote entrepreneurship and self-employment through competition of youth projects"


The project is in cooperation with the LETCs and Palestinian banking cooperation funded by the Italian development cooperation with a total value of $314,500 through the start-up program and the contribution of PBC is $200,00. The project will be executed through two main components; the first component will target the young entrepreneurs through providing Business Development and Technical support services. It will be implemented through PFESP in Cooperation with LETC, the provided services will be provided as capacity building and technical training based on their needs in coordination with the relevant authorities and stakeholders. The second component will be presented as Financial services which will be provided through Financial and Lending Institutions- Where Palestinian Banking Corporation will present/manage the portfolio zero lending under project guidance.

The lending framework approach will be the same as mentioned above at the START-UP Palestine program.


  • Announcing and Receiving Applications.
  • Supervising the competition and evaluating the submitted applications through eligible criteria
  • Training for 80 – 100 accepted applicants on capacity building approaches and CVET approaches
  • Training for 80-100 accepted applicants on labor laws, social protection, and decent work laws, occupational safety and health
  • Training for 80-100 accepted applicants on how to start your business, and providing business coaching for them.
  • Announcing of the launching of receiving full projects proposals from the trainees to be evaluated by a committee
  • Fund the projects based on the feasible studies as batches



The below chart shows how the business development services are provided inside PFESP offices in order to create a stable generating income business.