PFESP Background

PFESP - The Palestinian Fund for Employment and Social Protection for Workers was established to support economic development by activating and stimulating labor market policies. This is to create and generate permanent job opportunities and developing social capital, thus combating poverty and unemployment on a strategic basis.

PFESP was established in 2003 by Presidential Decree No. (9), which later become a national umbrella for programs and projects that create jobs, especially for graduates of both sexes, by virtue of Council of Ministers decision in 2014.

PFESP implements a range of important programs and projects that feature diversity of financing portfolios, providing business advisory services, and supporting self-employment and entrepreneurial projects. In all its programs and projects, PFESP targets young graduates, women, marginalized and disabled people, cooperatives and the unemployed.

The Board of directors of PFESP is headed and managed by the Minister of Labor. The Council consists national hubs of economic and social partnership through representatives of the government, workers' representatives, employers' representatives, representatives of the civil society organizations, women's personalities, and other national and corporate entities. The Membership of Executive Director is also included. This is in accordance to the Presidential Decree referred to above.